ORing announced that its OL-Z1D603D1-NBGTF-1 smart street light controller has obtained the certification of DALI Alliance through ITRI’s Electronics and Optoelectronics System Research Laboratories. The controller can interface with Zhaga-D4i certified luminaires and IoT and smart city platforms to support smart applications and improve energy efficiency. The OL-Z1D603D1-NBGTF-1 is the first intelligent light controller in the Asia-Pacific region to obtain D4i certification, which can provide users with higher lighting quality and safety.

OL-Z1D603D1-NBGTF-1 is a smart light controller designed for street lights. It uses the Zhaga book 18 interface and includes a light sensor, an acceleration sensor and an embedded communication module to provide safe two-way communication for outdoor lighting. This controller can read the electrical parameters of street lamps and obtain fault detection information according to the parameters to issue alarms, such as over/under voltage, over/under current, lamp/driver failure, equipment failure, etc., thereby saving trouble-shooting time and efforts. This certification is not only a recognition of the quality of ORing’s products, but also demonstrates its strength and leading position in the development of smart city-related applications.

Issued by the International Commission on Illumination, D4i certification aims to ensure the safety and interoperability of smart lighting systems, thereby improving the stability and reliability of lighting systems, and is therefore an important standard for building smart cities. With the D4i certification, users can use the OL-Z1D603D1-NBGTF-1 street light controller with more peace of mind, and plug and play on any system that meets the Zhaga-D4i standard to quickly deploy an intelligent lighting control system. In addition, users can remotely control the brightness of the lights through computers or mobile devices, which greatly improves usability and management efficiency.

“We are honored to obtain this certification in collaboration with ITRI. Our OL-Z1D603D1-NBGTF-1 smart lighting controller can equip traditional street lights with IoT capabilities, which not only protects the existing investment of the government and stakeholders, but also upgrades existing infrastructure to new, advanced technologies with ease,” said ORing CEO Angus Shih.

Smart street lights are an indispensable and important infrastructure for smart cities. Besides basic lighting functions, smart street lights also provide other benefits such as real-time light monitoring, data analysis, improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions. In addition to improving the safety and lighting efficiency of cities, they can also enhance the efficiency of urban operations, thereby giving citizens a better quality of life. ORing’s OL-Z1D603D1-NBGTF-1 street light controller will become a powerful tool for customers to build smart cities.