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ORing Industrial Networking, a leading provider of industrial networking solutions, is thrilled to announce the launch of its C-Series of unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches. This cost-effective series demonstrates the company's commitment to delivering affordable yet high-quality solutions for businesses seeking efficient factory automation.

The C-Series comprises both Non-PoE and PoE models, providing a comprehensive range of options to suit various industrial applications. The non-PoE models include the IES-C1050, IES-C1080, IES-C1041P, IES-C1062P, IGS-C1050, and IGS-C1080, while the PoE models consist of the IGPS-C1042GP and IGPS-C1082GP. The compact design of the devices allows for easy installation, making them ideal for space-constrained environments. The switches accept different power input options, including DC power at 12V, 24V, and 48V, as well as AC power at 24V. The flexibility allows the switches to accommodate various power supply configurations and meet the diverse requirements of different applications.

The C-Series serves as compelling evidence that cost-effectiveness can be attained without compromising on quality. The standardized design enables reduced manufacturing costs by sharing electronic materials and shells across the product line. The switches are optimized for specific applications, featuring QoS for operation in PROFINET applications and EMC protection against surges and ESD. The IP40 housing provides a significant advantage in industrial settings by offering robust protection against solid particles, ensuring reliable operation and longevity of equipment. The broadcast storm protection can be conveniently configured using the DIP switch. The implementation of QoS priority through the DIP switch further optimizes network traffic, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted data transmission. As all non-PoE models in the C-Series are UL 61010-1 compliant, customers can rest assured that the switches operate securely and meet industry safety requirements.

For high-power requirements, the PoE models within the C-Series deliver exceptional performance and reliability. As all of the PoE models provide Gigabit speeds, large amounts of data can be transmitted seamlessly and in real time. The wide temperature range (-40~75°C) and dual power suppliers ensure reliable and efficient performance even in demanding industrial environments.

"We are excited to introduce the C-Series of industrial Ethernet switches, delivering cost-effective solutions that enable businesses to achieve efficient factory automation," said Angus Shih, CEO at ORing Industrial Networking. "The C-Series offers businesses a compelling combination of affordability, reliability, and performance.”

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