Wireless Driver Examination System

Build Secure Surveillance Systems with Gigabit backbone Network

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Wireless Communication on Bus

Build Secure Surveillance Systems with Gigabit backbone Network

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Tunnel Monitoring in China

Build Secure Surveillance Systems with Gigabit backbone Network

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With ORing's PoE Solution

We save you from

  • Low bandwidth:
  • Bandwidth demand keeps rising due to growing demand for image quality
  • Cabling difficulty:
  • Running power cables to remote sites is difficult due to a lack of reliable power supply
  • Insufficient power supply:
  • Power consumption of IP surveillance devices continues to increase as more functions are integrated
Feature-rich networking solution

The PoE functions like port priority, auto alive check and smart schedule can simplify the management

A wide selection of PoE devices

You can choose industrial Ethernet switches or media converters with different PoE power budget based on your needs

High-reliability network

We protect your business from data loss with network redundancy technologies on managed PoE switches

ORing's PoE Networking Solution for Surveillance

As IP surveillance technology continues to progress, the supporting network needs to keep up with the advancement of technology. Congested network traffic caused by insufficient bandwidth and the difficulty in running power cables in remote areas are two major challenges for IP surveillance vendors. For places hard to access or lack of power supply, PoE technology has been adopted to deliver power over Ethernet cables, significantly simplifying installation complexity. However, the number of power-hungry IP surveillance devices such as PTZ cameras is on the rise, pushing up the power requirements of PoE devices.

ORing’s PoE networking solution is here to help. You can enjoy one-stop shopping experience with a full range of PoE products addressing different power requirements provided by ORing. You can also avoid network congestion with Gigabit bandwidth so high quality surveillance images can be used immediately to facilitate decisions or problem-solving. With network management functions such as LFP, the solution can minimize damage to business due to data loss, let alone the 4KV surge protection which allows the devices to be installed in high-rise buildings prone to lightning.


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