ORing, a global leader in industrial networking solutions, today announced a new industrial Layer-3 managed Gigabit Ethernet switch purpose built for power applications. Pioneering the industry, this cutting-edge switch empowers enterprises with unparalleled connectivity, reliability, and performance, specifically catering to the evolving needs of power plants, substations, and smart grid applications.

Setting a new standard in network infrastructure, the RGS-PR92484DGP+ offers a robust array of features. With a high port density of 36 ports, including 10G and fiber ports, this switch delivers exceptional flexibility and scalability for data-intensive operations. Supporting both OSPFv2 and VRRP Layer 3 protocols, it enhances network efficiency by dynamically adapting to changes in network topology, ensuring optimal routing and faster convergence times in complex networks. Additionally, it ensures higher network reliability by enabling seamless failover between redundant routers, guaranteeing continuous connectivity in the event of router failures.

An outstanding quality of the RGS-PR92484DGP+ is its compliance with the IEC-61850-3 standard. Compliance with this standard is crucial as it ensures the reliability, interoperability, and resilience of the switch within critical infrastructure environments such as power plants and substations. Moreover, this innovative switch supports redundant ring and RSTP/STP technologies, maximizing network resilience and minimizing downtime. The isolated redundant power supply significantly augments system reliability and availability, mitigating the risk of power failures.

The introduction of the RGS-PR92484DGP+ marks a significant milestone in the industry. Its advanced capabilities elevate network performance, ensuring uninterrupted operations critical to power plants, substations, and smart grids. By offering high port density, superior redundancy features, and compliance with stringent standards, ORing continues to spearhead innovation in industrial networking solutions.

Angus Shih, CEO of ORing, emphasized, "The RGS-PR92484DGP+ exemplifies ORing's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions that redefine industrial networking. We are proud to introduce a switch that not only meets but exceeds the demands of modern industrial environments. This launch underscores our dedication to enabling reliable and efficient network infrastructure, ultimately empowering our customers to thrive in today's competitive landscape."