ISO 14067 IGPS 9084GP LA


Leading industrial Ethernet solution provider ORing announced that the carbon footprint declaration for its IGPS-9084GP-LA industrial-grade Ethernet switch has been verified to comply with ISO 14067. This result demonstrates ORing Industries' commitment to achieving environmental sustainability and acknowledges its efforts and contributions to carbon reduction.

ISO 14067 is an international standard designed to assist organizations in assessing the carbon footprint of their products. By measuring greenhouse gas emissions throughout a product's lifecycle, organizations can understand their product's impact on climate change and take action to reduce their carbon footprint. The product chosen by ORing for verification is the IGPS-9084GP-LA, a managed Ethernet switch featuring Gigabit and PoE connections. The assessment was conducted from January 1, 2022, to December 31, 2022, covering the entire product lifecycle, from raw material procurement to manufacturing, distribution, and sales. In addition to adhering to the guidelines of the Environmental Protection Administration and ISO 14067:2018, ORing also considered the relevant specifications of the Product Category Rules (EPD-PCR) for microcell base stations.

The assessment scope includes greenhouse gas emissions in various phases, such as raw material procurement, the manufacturing process, waste management during production, and emissions from product distribution. Emissions encompass gases like carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide. Regarding raw material procurement, the assessment covers the procurement and transportation of raw materials and consumables. In the manufacturing process, it provides detailed statistics on energy consumption during production and emissions resulting from waste disposal. Furthermore, the transportation and distribution of products from the factory to the customer's location are included in the calculation and assessment of carbon emissions. Throughout the evaluation of carbon emissions, ORing employed a multi-criteria approach considering reliability, completeness, temporal correlation, geographical correlation, and technological correlation, ensuring the rigor and professionalism of the assessment.

The assessment results reveal that IGPS-9084GP-LA achieved a high-quality score for overall emissions source data, indicating that the environmental impact of the product during production and distribution has undergone comprehensive evaluation and management. This verification not only assures customers of the safety in using ORing's products but also provides a crucial basis for ORing to continually enhance its production processes and reduce its carbon footprint. ORing’s carbon footprint declaration has been verified by certification body Arno International, confirming that ORing conducted an evaluation, submitted a report, and fairly presented greenhouse gas data and related information according to the verification criteria of the agreement. The verification data is at a reasonable measurement and calculation level, and the verification results have not found to violate substantial limitations. The audit data is at a reasonable assurance level.

“The verification marks a significant milestone for ORing," said ORing CEO Angus Shih. "By successfully passing the ISO 14067 Carbon Footprint Verification, we showcase our leading position in carbon reduction technology and our determination to provide environmentally friendly solutions to our customers. We will continue to work with our supply chain partners to actively reduce global greenhouse gas emissions in response to the challenges of climate change."