ORing Industrial Networking, a leading player in the industrial network communications sector, is proud to announce that it has been honored with the "2023 Dun & Bradstreet Taiwan Elite SME Award" for the fifth consecutive year, solidifying its position as one of Taiwan's top 1000 companies for export competitiveness. This accolade, based on data from Dun & Bradstreet’s global database, recognizes ORing's outstanding performance and its ability to maintain stable profitability in a highly competitive market environment.

Since 2014, Dun & Bradstreet has been annually appraising small and medium-sized enterprises in Taiwan through a rigorous evaluation process. They scrutinize various factors such as financial stress indices, payment indices, export growth rates, export levels, and, most recently, ESG ratings. This data is then meticulously compared with the financial and export records of SMEs in Taiwan to identify the Top 1000 companies with the greatest export competitiveness. In 2023, 1,013 companies were recognized for their achievements, including ORing, which have not only demonstrated remarkable resilience in the face of challenges posed by the pandemic and other global variables but have also made substantial contributions to Taiwan's exports, accounting for an impressive 14% of the total. This recognition is a testament to ORing’s exceptional performance and unwavering business practices in the field of industrial network communication.

Established in 2005, ORing has been dedicated to the development and manufacturing of industrial network communication products, which have been widely adopted in various vertical markets such as railway, factory automation, intelligent transportation, and power substations. In line with the trends towards smart and sustainable cities, ORing has expanded its product line-ups over the years to encompass new sectors, including smart lighting and renewable energy. ORing is highly regarded for its product quality and exceptional customer services, making the company a top choice for a wide range of applications.

"Securing the Dun & Bradstreet Top 1000 Elite SME Award for the fifth consecutive year is a significant milestone for us,” said Angus Shih, CEO of ORing. “We will continue to uphold our commitment to providing innovative and reliable solutions to clients across various industries. We remain devoted to contributing to Taiwan's export competitiveness."