Leading industrial networking solution provider, ORing, has expanded its rugged DIN-rail M2M gateway lineup with two new additions. The newly launched models are designed to revolutionize wireless and serial communications in industrial applications, ushering in a new era of connectivity and reliability.

The newly launched IMG-311DL-MN and IMG-311DL-4GS are advanced industrial IoT gateways designed to cater to diverse wireless connectivity needs. The IMG-311DL-MN leverages LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) technology, offering low power consumption and extensive coverage for long-range connectivity in challenging industrial environments. This makes it ideal for real-time monitoring and control of sensors and devices, ensuring reliability and cost-effective deployment. In contrast, the IMG-311DL-4GS delivers high-speed 4G LTE performance, perfect for bandwidth-intensive applications like video feeds and asset tracking. These gateways support multiple protocols, including MQTT, LWM2M for cloud applications, and Modbus TCP/RTU for industrial applications. They can concurrently transfer data to up to five host PCs, ensuring data redundancy and reliability. In combination, these two gateway models empower industries with a comprehensive solution for advanced wireless and serial communication technology in the IIoT landscape.

The introduction of the IMG-311DL-MN LPWAN and IMG-311DL-4GS DIN-rail M2M gateways underlines ORing's unwavering commitment to advancing industrial networking solutions. Equipped with LPWAN and 4G LTE capabilities, these gateways are poised to revolutionize how industrial applications access wireless and serial communication, helping manufacturers realize the potential of Industry 4.0 through robust, reliable connectivity.

"We are thrilled to introduce the IMG-311DL-MN LPWAN and IMG-311DL-4GS gateways to our esteemed customers and partners," said Angus Shih, CEO of ORing. "By expanding the diversity of our M2M gateway portfolio, we can cater to more application needs. These new DIN-rail M2M gateways will set new standards for wireless and serial communication in industrial applications, enabling our clients to fully harness the potential of these technologies."