Project Introduction

Location: China

Project Name: Uninterrupted Data Communications between Fracturing Equipment

Products Deployed: IES-3080/IES-3160

Project Requirement

ORing Enables Uninterrupted 1110 1

ORing Enables Uninterrupted 1110 2

  • Reliable data communications
  • Resistance to harsh environment conditions
  • Efficient network and smart management


Large-scale fracturing operations require the collaboration of 10 to 20 devices connected to each other. Each device needs to collect and transmit large amounts of data. For example, the fracturing truck and blender are equipped with GPS, Wi-Fi, and PLC devices to collect data from fans, power take-offs, power generators, air compressors, hydraulic systems, sensors, and switches. The instrument trucks act as a data monitoring and remote control center as all construction data will be fed into the instrument truck via sensors and then displayed on a monitor through monitoring software.

Due to the need for high transmission speed, reliability, and security, the client has installed ORing's IES-3080 and IES-3160 industrial Ethernet switches to build a ring network to ensure robust and stable data communications. The IES-3080 is installed in every fracturing truck and blender while the IES-3160 is deployed in the instrument trucks. The ring network which supports ORing’s proprietary O-Ring protocol can provide a self-healing time of less than 10ms (up to 250 nodes).

With IGMP snooping function, the IES-3080 and IES-3160 switches can better support multicast traffic as hosts on a local network will not receive traffic for a multicast group they have not explicitly joined, thus improving the performance of multicast and optimizing the utilization of backbone bandwidth. The client also separates nodes that don’t need to communicate with each other from the main network using VLAN function to achieve higher network performance and security.

These DIN-rail switches have a compact size and support a wide operating temperature range from -40~70℃. Besides compliance with various industrial safety standards, these switches also enjoy a five-year warranty. Through the reliable communications network formed by ORing's IES-3080 and IES-3160, the client can rest assured that all data from the fracturing equipment is sent to the control center immediately without package loss. The staff can check data in real time and perform remote control to further ensure system reliability.

System Structure

ORing Enables Uninterrupted 1110 3

Why Oring

  • Comprehensive industrial networking solutions
  • Support ring topology with fast self-healing capabilities
  • Wide operating temperature range and five-year warranty
  • ORing’s achievements in industrial applications