The Begins of Railway Network

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Railway transportation systems, often regarded as locomotive industry, are important in many developing and developed countries. For example, well-built highspeed railway infrastructure can bring rapid economic growth to an entire country. With such importance of railway systems, dependable safety management of railway traffic is absolutely necessary, calling for the need of rugged network capable of handling massive real-time traffic information accurately without interruptions. It is not easy, however, to sustain reliable network service in such a high-speed moving platform of high-speed railway, since data can be affected by the train's fast speed and associated vibrations; hence, providing uninterrupted and reliable network connection in high-speed trains and installing surveillance systems in busy and spacious train stations are crucial for railway network installation planners.

Overview of ORing Railway Solution

To meet the rising demand of TCN (train communication network), ORing, with industry-leading expertise of industrial networking, presents the EN50155-certified (and EN50121-certified) industrial-grade Transporter Series products for the tough applications of TCN. Thus far, ORing already has EN50155 Ethernet switches, EN50155 wireless access points, and EN50155 wireless cellular VPN routers, as the development of more EN50155 products on the way. With ORing products, automation applications on the train, along with network communications between the train and the train stations, are now simpler, much faster, more secure, and more reliable.

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ORing railway solution is divided into three parts from station video surveillance system, on-board area communication network to track-side data aquisition and signal monitoring. To cope with the harsh environments of in-vehicle and railway applications, the Railway Series Products are furnished with M12 connectors and a wide temperature range of -40 to 70°C, along with an IP-40 casing. Therefore, ORing Railway Series Products are able to provide stable data communications for moving vehicles.

ORing Railway Technology

Failure within an interconnected network for railway communication can cause chaos. ORing T-series provides two optional Gigabit Ethernet ports with fiber-bypass function. If one Ethernet switch within its topology fails due to power loss, the built-in Bypass circuit will be connected and make the network signals passing the break down Ethernet switch successfully and reassure the contiunous system operation.

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