ORing, a leading provider of industrial networking solutions, has announced the release of the IDGPS-C1042GP+-BT unmanaged Ethernet switch. This rugged switch delivers multi-gigabit 2.5GbE performance at an exceptional value for applications in harsh operating conditions.   

Featuring four 10/100/1000/2.5GBase-T(X) PoE ports capable of up to 2.5Gbps data rates, the IDGPS-C1042GP+-BT offers ultra-fast multi-gigabit bandwidth suitable for bandwidth-intensive applications like IP surveillance, while facilitating large deployments of devices. In addition, the switch includes two 1G/10GBase-X SFP slots, enabling fiber optic connections for long-range or high-speed uplinks with remote control centers.

This switch is particularly well-suited for WiFi 6 application scenarios due to its support for 2.5G transmission rates as WiFi 6 wireless access points require wired network connections of over 1Gbps to fully utilize their performance, especially when using multiple spatial streams and wide bandwidths. The 2.5G ports provide enough bandwidth headroom to avoid bottlenecks and fully utilize the capabilities of WiFi 6 access points and clients, ensuring optimal performance in high-density or bandwidth-intensive wireless environments.

A standout feature of the switch is its support for IEEE 802.3bt compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE), a transformative technology allowing simultaneous transmission of power and data over standard twisted-pair cables. With a robust total power budget of 240 Watts and a maximum power allocation of 90 Watts per port, this switch empowers users to effortlessly power remote devices, eliminating the need for complex power setups and significantly reducing installation costs.

In addition to its multi-gigabit performance, the C1042GP+ offers a competitive price that is comparable to standard Gigabit unmanaged PoE switches on the market. “The 2.5G ports give the C1042GP+ a significant performance advantage over traditional Gigabit switches for next-generation network demands," said Angus Shih, CEO at ORing. "Furthermore, customers can obtain this future-proof switch with cutting-edge capability at an unmatched price point.”

The IDGPS-C1042GP+-BT combines powerful multi-gigabit performance with industrial-grade features and PoE+ at an exceptional value. It is an optimal solution for smart city, surveillance, industrial, and other bandwidth-intensive applications where high speeds, large scale, and harsh conditions are required.