Project Introduction

Location: Kaohsiung,Taiwan

Project Name: Kaohsiung City Smarts Up Street Lighting

Products Deployed: OL-N2T5GPA1-NBG-UR smart light

Project Requirement 

●Smart light controller with NEMA socket
●Built-in LPWAN technology
●High ingress protection
●Wide operating temperature


Plagued by the high maintenance costs, huge repair efforts, and high power consumption of street lights, the Kaohsiung government in Taiwan decided to replace them with smart street lights so they can be managed in a more efficient and cost effective way. Besides changing to more power-efficient LED lights, the government also wanted to install smart light controllers to enhance management efficiency and speed up repair and maintenance work, thus improving public safety at night.

To ensure reliable operation of the smart street lights, the government has adopted ORing’s OL-N2T5GPA1-NBG-UR smart light controller featuring LPWAN (Low-Power Wide-Area Network) technology. One reasons that the government chose this light controller is because of its performance recognized by the Level 2 Certification awarded by Taiwan’s TAICS (Taiwan Association of Information and Communication Standards), meaning it has met the security requirements for commercial use. Another reason is its versatile management functions and universal compatibility with all NEMA type LED luminaires since it comes with a standardized connector.

The OL-N2T5GPA1-NBG-UR smart light controller installed on every street light uses NB-IoT technology to transmit the status data of the street lights to the control center. It can monitor several electrical parameters in real time and alert the system automatically when any lights fail to work properly so the staff can fix the problems immediately, thus significantly improving maintenance efficiency. The failure data will be sent to the cloud at the same time where the staff can access the data via laptops or smartphones when they are not on site. The staff can switch lights on and off or dim lights remotely or by schedule while optimizing the power efficiency of the lights, dramatically enhancing management efficiency. The controller also comes with a G-sensor to detect tilt and will send an alarm to the control center in the case of damage.

After the installation of ORing’s OL-N2T5GPA1-NBG-UR smart light controllers, the number of maintenance cases reported dropped by 6,000 compared to the same period of time last year. The number of cases reported even dropped by 30% year on year in July and August during the typhoon season. Maintenance efficiency also increases dramatically as maintenance time is reduced from two days to 22 hours.

System Structure


Why ORing

●Industrial-grade design
●Immediate and professional technical support
●NB-IoT technology
●Ease of installation and management