Project Introduction 

Location: Tainan,Taiwan


Project Name: ORing's Smart Lighting Controller Adopted in Shalun Smart Green Energy Science City


Products Deployed: ORing's smart lighting controller

Project Requirement 

● Increase use of renewable energy
● Minimize impact on the environment
● Monitor, display, and broadcast temperature and humidity data
● Control street lighting automatically to reduce energy consumption


In light with the trends towards renewable energy and the government’s goal of building a nuclear-free homeland, the Taiwanese government unveiled the plan of Shalun Green Energy Science City in 2016. Located in Tainan, the fourth-largest city in Taiwan, the Shalun Green Energy Science City aims to build an eco-friendly smart city in Southern Taiwan. By creating a sustainable and human-centered community and living area, the Shalun Green Energy Science City will be able to attract more Taiwanese and foreign green energy technology talent.
Since all facilities in the science city are required to minimize the impact on the environment, a smart lighting system which adopts ORing’s light controller to control street lights intelligently has been set up. With ORing’s light controller, visibility for pedestrians and cyclists is improved dramatically as the lighting levels can be adjusted on-the-fly. The administrator also gains real-time visibility into the lighting system, thus increasing asset management efficiency. When a problem occurs such as lamp failure, the administrator will be alerted immediately and can identify the location of the problem remotely, significantly reducing trouble-shooting time
The street lighting system in the Shalun Green Energy Science City has been installed with ORing's smart lighting controller. Compliant with the international DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) dimming control standard, the smart lighting controller can improve illumination efficiency since the administrator can choose between different levels of light output and obtain lighting data. The controller is equipped with automatic sensing technology which will dim with sunrise/sunset time or based on the analysis of data. ORing's smart lighting controller can also detect problems automatically such as voltage, current, driver, or device failure, so the administrator can troubleshoot as soon as possible.

During peak hours, the converter will switch energy supply to solar power using NBIoT technology and the Open ADR two-way information exchange model. During off hours, the power supply will be switched back to the grid. This design helps reduce carbon emissions and power consumption. If an emergency occurs during day time and there is no sufficient power provided by the power grid, the converter will switch to solar power automatically.

The customer can easily manage the lighting controller through ORing's MagiCITY platform which integrates all device controls such as smart lighting, sensor data loggers, smart meters, and smart trackers in one interface to provide maximum ease of management.

System Structure


Why ORing 

● Intelligent lighting control
● Endows utility poles with multiple functions such as surveillance, image transmission, notices, and weather data
● Switch between solar power and grid energy based on needs