Project Introduction 

Location: Taoyuan,Taiwan


Project Name: ORing Smart Lighting Control Solution Helps Taoyuan City Government Realize Smart City Vision


Products Deployed: ORing Street Light Controller

Project Requirement 

● A smart solution for street lights
● A single management interface
● Industrial-grade design for operation in harsh environments


Claimed to be the largest infrastructure project in Taiwan’s history, the Taoyuan Aerotropolis is a massive urban development project at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in Taoyuan City. The project will create a modern industrial logistics center, development zone, and a modern urban residential neighborhood surrounding the airport. Once the Aerotropolis is completed, it will generate annual revenues of around US$ 74 billion and increase the airport’s passenger capacity from around 40 million annual passengers to about 60 million.
Positioned to be a gate to the world, the Aerotropolis will adopt a variety of smart and IoT technologies to provide a more livable environment. The initial phase of the project involves the installation of 6000 smart street lights in the area.
To help the Taoyuan City government monitor, control, and manage the street lights remotely and effectively, ORing has installed smart lighting controllers for these streets lights. Supporting low-power ZigBee mesh or Lora tree technologies, ORing's smart lighting controllers connect LED lamps through standard NEMA sockets (ANSI C136.41), which is compliant with the international DALI (Digital Addressable Lighting Interface) dimming control standard.

This function enhances LED lighting efficiency as the administrator can choose between different levels of light output and obtain lighting data. The controllers are equipped with automatic sensing technology which will dim with sunrise/sunset time or based on the analysis of data. When there is something wrong with the voltage, current, driver, or device, ORing’s smart lighting controllers will detect the fault automatically, so the administrator can troubleshoot as soon as possible.

The lighting controller can be easily managed through ORing’s MagiCITY platform which integrates all device controls such as smart lighting, sensor data loggers, smart meters, and smart trackers in one interface to provide maximum ease of management.

With ORing's smart lighting solution, the Taoyuan City government not only enhances management, maintenance, and troubleshooting efficiency significantly, they can also keep track of energy consumption of street lights. ORing has helped the government move one step closer to the goal of realizing a smart and green city.

System Structure

Taoyuan City

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