Project Introduction

Location: Panama,Central America

Project Name: Highway Solar Street Light Control

Products Deployed: ORing Street Light Controller

Project Requirement

  • Intelligent control
  • Smart power saving
  • Fault detection
  • Resistance to harsh outdoor environments


ORing provided the customer with a complete solution for the customer including a lighting controller, a remote control module, a power monitoring module, and a smart management platform. ORing's smart lighting controllers are connected to the LED lights along the highway via standard NEMA sockets.

The controllers support both 0-10 V lighting and DALI dimming, allowing the administrator to choose the light level based on the environmental conditions in that moment. In addition, administrators can easily access real-time data of solar lights, such as voltage, current, and power of solar panels and cells, on LoRa/Zigbee networks, while controlling the lights remotely. 

The smart lighting controllers monitor the voltage of the solar cells automatically to keep administrators aware of the power level and adjust the lights accordingly. In rainy days, the lights will be switched to power-saving mode to provide minimum illumination. Lights can also be turned on and off or dimmed at specific times such as sunrise, sunset, and any predesignated periods to save power.

The intelligent failure detection function will identify  any failure on the network (such as lamp failure, segment failure, or accident on a pole) immediately so the administrator can dispatch maintenance staff to repair and reduce lamp downtime.

System Structure

Why Oring

  • DALI and 0-10 Dimming
  • Smart Power Saving Mode
  • Fault Detection
  • Scheduled Operation
  • Interoperability with Cloud Platform