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Redundancy technologies are great for network topologies. As one node fails, the system quickly finds another path and continues to run again. However, if two or more nodes fail in a ring structure, or if just one node fails in a daisy chain structure, the network would be irrecoverable until the node problems are solved.

Daisy chain wiring


Let ORing introduce the natural yet critically important optical network redundancy – Optical interface bypass in a dedicated optical bypass switch such as one from the IBS-102FX series. This technology effectively avoids single-point power failure in daisy chain topology or multi-point power failures in ring topology.

In normal operations, the bypass switch diverts data from the network ports to the monitor ports. When power failure occurs, the network data traffic is routed directly to the other network port, and the monitor data traffic is routed directly to the other monitor port. Moreover, the bypass switch has relay output for power failure warning.


IBS 102FX optical bypass switch


IBS-102FX-SS-LC : Industrial 2-port optical bypass switch, single-mode

IBS-102FX-MM-LC : Industrial 2-port optical bypass switch, multi-mode