NEMA socket is a standardized type of connection across the lighting industry. It provides an electrical and mechanical connection between the control cell and the luminaire. ANSI C136 coded standard clearly defines the size of the socket, the type of locking and other details.

NEMA socket in light fixtures may have 3, 5 or 7 terminals. 3 terminals used for power connection, the remaining 2 or 4 terminals are used to carry dimming signal and other signals. The NEMA socket signal contacts can support the 1-10VDC or DALI protocol.


NEMA socket


ORing’s NEMA smart lighting controller is compatible with the ANSI C136.41. The smart lighting controller provides electrical parameters monitoring function- Vrms(V), Irms(I), Power Factor(PF), Frequency(Hz), Power(W) to do instant monitoring and controls its cell controller operating. According to above monitored parameters calculation, it also obtains fault detection information – Over/under voltage, Over/under current, Lamp/Driver fault, Device failure to help users get on proper debug procedure.