DALI is an industry-standardized protocol for lighting control. The protocol is specified in the multi-part international standard IEC 62386, as well as in specifications written by the DALI Alliance (also known as the Digital Illumination Interface Alliance, or DiiA)



DALI, or Digital Addressable Lighting Interface, is a dedicated protocol for digital lighting control. It was originally developed to allow digital control, configuration and querying of fluorescent ballasts, replacing the one-way, broadcast-like operation of 0/1-10V analog control. Each DALI device can be assigned a separate address, allowing digital control of individual devices. Furthermore, the DALI devices can also be programmed to operate in groups. 



DALI-2 is the certification program operated by the DALI Alliance and based on the latest version of the DALI protocol. The DALI-2 is fundamentally backward compatible with DALI. For DALI-2, the IEC 62386 standard was restructured in late 2014 for ease of use, and many improvements were made including the addition of new commands and features.