TSN is a set of IEEE802.1 standards on OSI-Layer2 for time-sensitive data transmission over deterministic Ethernet. In the past, many industrial applications deployed air-gapped or non-standard networks. The connected assets implemented by different protocols and need vendor dependence. Making the difficulty of device access, timely status control and synchronous processing.


With TSN implementation, communication can be transmitted over a uniform network infrastructure. It enables the interoperability of connected nodes and achieve isochronous communication.

TSN Standard


Advantages of TSN include:
.Time synchronization
.Guaranteed latency times of real-time critical data
.Critical and non-critical data traffic can be transmitted over a converged network
.Scheduling and traffic shaping
.Frame preemption


Targeted at industrial, automotive and AVB, ORing offers a portfolio of product that make TSN implementation more easier and efficient.