Modbus is popular in industrial environments because it is openly published and royalty-free.
Based on Master-Salve architecture, the Master device sends request to Slaves device, and then the Slave device responds data to it. By wiring type, there are Modbus RTU/ASCII and Modbus TCP.


Modbus TCP uses TCP/IP protocols to carry data of Modbus message between compatible devices. It allows the data transmission over Ethernet between the switch and devices such as PLCs, sensors and meters. Users can read the information through the Modbus TCP based software and monitor the status of the switch easily.


There are four object types provided by a slave device to a Master device, and the ORing switches supports object code 4.

Modbus TCP code



Steps below to configure Modbus TCP on ORing Ethernet switch and achieve information reading.

Step 1: Login to the web page of managed switch, and then enable the Modbus TCP function.
Step 2: Start a Modbus TCP read software like "Modscan 32".
Step 3: Connect the IP Address of the switch.

Modscan 32 configuration


Step 4: Select Modbus Point Type = 04 :INPUT REGSTER.

Modscan 32 configuration 2


Step 5: Input the Modbus Address (Decimal) which you want to see in the data display area.

Modscan 32 configuration 3