DDM is a technology used in SFP transceivers which allows operators to monitor TX (transmit) and RX (receive) parameters of the transceivers in real-time.

The monitored parameters include transceiver supply voltage, temperature, transmitter bias current, transmitter output power and received optical power. According to these parameters, the operators are able to diagnose why transceiver optics is not working properly.
ORing develops additional warning temperature threshold setting. When the working temperature exceeds the set value, the event alarm will be triggered and then recorded in the Syslog.


ORing offer a full range of optical fiber transceivers with DDM function:

 SFP Optical Transceiver  Speed  Mode  Distance  Wavelength  Operating Temperature
 SFP100-MM-DDM  100Mbps  Multi-mode  2km  1310 nm  0~70˚C
 SFP100-MM-I-DDM  100Mbps  Multi-mode  2km  1310 nm  -40~85˚C
 SFP100-SS30-DDM  100Mbps  Single-mode  30km  1310 nm  0~70˚C
 SFP100-SS30-I-DDM  100Mbps  Single-mode  30km  1310 nm  -40~85˚C
 SFP100-SS60-DDM  100Mbps  Single-mode  60km  1310 nm  0~70˚C
 SFP100-SS60-I-DDM  100Mbps  Single-mode  60km  1310 nm  -40~85˚C
 SFP100-SS100-DDM  100Mbps  Single-mode  100km  1550 nm  0~70˚C
 SFP100-SS100-I-DDM  100Mbps  Single-mode  100km  1550 nm  -40~85˚C
 SFP100-SS120-DDM  100Mbps  Single-mode  120km  1550 nm  0~70˚C
 SFP100-SS120-I-DDM  100Mbps  Single-mode  120km  1550 nm  -40~85˚C
 SFP1G-SX-DDM  1Gbps  Multi-mode  500m  850 nm  0~70˚C
 SFP1G-SX-I-DDM  1Gbps  Multi-mode  500m  850 nm  -40~85˚C
 SFP1G-MLX-DDM  1Gbps  Multi-mode  2km  1310 nm  0~70˚C
 SFP1G-MLX-I-DDM  1Gbps  Multi-mode  2km  1310 nm  -40~85˚C
 SFP1GB3-LX10-DDM  1Gbps  Single-mode  10km  1310_1550  0~70℃
 SFP1GB5-LX10-DDM  1Gbps  Single-mode  10km  1550_1310  0~70℃
 SFP1GB3-LX10-I-DDM  1Gbps  Single-mode  10km  1310_1550  -40~90℃
 SFP1GB5-LX10-I-DDM  1Gbps  Single-mode  10km  1550_1310  -40~90℃