Generally, if we need to save the entire configuration from an Ethernet device, it is necessary to connect a PC/Notebook and then access to the management interface of the Ethernet device to perform a configuration backup. Configuration restoration is in the same way.


ORing provides a standalone backup solution – DBU-01. The DBU-01 is a Plug-and-Play device configuration backup unit. The purpose of the backup unit is to save or restore the configuration file from ORing’s managed product. The DBU-01 need to be connected to the console port of ORing’s device. It supports to operate on different product families that includes:

  • DIN-rail/ Rackmount switch: All 9000 series
  • EN50155 products: TGS/ TGPS/ TRGPS-9000 series, TGAP/ TGAR series
  • Wireless AP/Router: All wireless products except IGAP-610H and IGAP-W series


Configuration backup unit DBU 01


DBU 01


To simplify the power wiring, the DBU-01 can be powered by the connected console port without additional power supply. There is a DIP switch in it for configuring backup or restore function. With the backup unit, it makes the backup work more efficient.