Open-Vision 4.0, which is a powerful network management system, could meet various demands from network monitor and managements in a wide range of industrial applications. The Open-Vision 4.0 allows centralized configuration and operation of ORing managed products, without the hassle of having to tediously handle network devices serially one by one.

Network management



Centralized Mnagement

Open-Vision 4.0 could help the administrator to configure all ORing’s Ethernet switches at once within a few steps by powerful application wizards, including Group IP Setting Wizard, Group Firmware Upgrade Wizard, Group Configuration Backup Wizard, Group Configuration Restore Wizard and Group Redundant Ring Setting Wizard, in ORing commander. The administrators do not need to configure the managed switches one-by-one anymore.


Visualized Management

Topology View feature could show up the complex topologies including multiple-link topology of all of ORing’s Ethernet switches and third party SNMP devices in the local network. Further, different devices could be grouped by different IPs and to be shown in different topology windows. Thus, administrators need not to monitor all of the devices in the local network at once, which makes the job of monitoring easier and more efficient. On the other hand, the health status of the connections will be shown on by different colors, user can even customized the link color, device icon, and the background image like Floor MAP. ORing topology view helps the administrators to do the management visualizely, intuitively, and more efficiently.


Complete Monitor

ORing-Vision 4.0 has various mechanisms to monitor the statuses of ORing’s switches, including event log, and SNMP traps. The administrators will be informed the occurrences of any abnormal events by email, and the list of event log could be exported as an excel file. Moreover, the configurations of all ORing’s switches could be saved and the status of configurations of all switches in local network could be scanned regularly to detect any changes of the configurations. Hence, administrators could know any unexpected changes of the configurations of switches. On the other hand, ORing Host monitor could automatically ping and check the health statuses of connections among all IP-based devices in local area network. Host Monitor also features IP categorized function, and all of IP-based devices could be grouped by the different IPs and to be monitored.


Early Warning

Based on the various monitor mechanisms, if any failure is occurred in the network, administrators could be informed at a very early stage.